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Pearlingplants SET 3 (5 Species, Ludwigia Sp. Red, Hemianthus Micranthemoides, etc) + FREE

$23.98 $33.98

Pearlingplants SET 3 

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  1.  Persicaria Sp. Porto Velho...x5 Stems, 3" to 5" length
  2.  Acmella Repens...................x5  Stems, 3" to 5" length
  3.  Clinopodium CF Brownei.....x5  Stems, 3" to 5" length
  4.  Ludwigia Sp. Red.................x5  Stems, 3" to 5" length
  5.  Hemianthus Micranthemoides HM... x50 Stems, 2" to 4" length

In case, if plants are not available from the above list, you will receive another kind of plant(s) to fill it up.

Note: Stems shoots roots after a few days once planted underwater.

These sets of plants were carefully chosen to give definition and contrast to your aquascape by color and form. See guide image(painting) provided which shows the plants placement on your planted tank

Some images that you see here is the actual plant from where it will be taken out or cut fresh for shipping and delivery, also plant's form and color changes depending on its environment, other pictures are showing its placement on a planted tank setup.

BENEFITS (When plants are under perfect environment in your aquarium)

  • Live Aquarium Plants gives a healthy place for your fish
  • Plants provide oxygen to your fish by pearling on its leaves
  •  Less maintenance for plant roots cleans water, and live plants competes algae build up
  • Adds tranquility in your home as you gaze and soothes your eyes
  • Give natural hiding place and food for your fish & your shrimp too


The actual plant(s) that you will receive are pretty, strong and very healthy without snails, and algae.


  • Plus FREE portions or Stems of the same plant listed above or whichever is available


Ship only in the US via USPS priority mail (2-3 days)
Ship on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thursday and Sat to ensure live plants arrival 
Will be properly packed


  • For questions and issues, you may contact me so we could work and resolve it fairly as possible.
  • Give full refunds, if plants died upon arrival just show pictures (box and the plants) on that day you received the package, thank you.


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