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The Making of Pearlingplants' Planted Tank

There are a lot of different approaches on how to make a Planted Tank
A lot brands to choose from, different ideas that need to be discovered.
My solution and I called it.
“The Pearlingplants’ Approach to Planted Tank”
Things to consider:
Plant’s Requirements and its environment (inside the aquarium)
Below is what  I use and it works for me:
Aquarium Tank itself  (24” Deep Tank 90 gallon)
The problem  with Deep Tank it is hard to grow Carpet Foreground Plants (HC dwarf baby tears)
My Solution (raise up the substrate see the making….soon)
Plant Needs ? for Photosynthesis – one obvious sign is pearling of leaves (high lighting)
Carbon Dioxide Co2 (Solution: Paintball Co2 tank see picture soon..)

Oxygen/Water Circulation – Filtration (Solution: Fluval Underwater Filter)

Adequate Lighting (Solution: 4 USA Current Satellite PRO+  LED Lighting)

Water PH 6.6 to 6.8 – for better nutrients absorption (Solution: R.O.D.I)
When using RODI
Problem no minerals,  (Solution: Equilibrium -  will  to bring back only the essential Minerals for the plants
Nutrients (Substrate, Liquid or Dry Fertilizer)
Iron (Chelated Iron, Liquid Iron)
Providing Air Bubbles water oxygen (Solution: Air Pump – ALITA , Drain tubing see the making…coming soon!)
Temperature  (Solution: Heater)
Avoid Problems like
Anaerobic Bacteria (Solution……raise up the substrate see the making… soon!)
Algae  (Solution: algae Inhibitor)
Algae Scraper (Solution: Mag Float)
I’m not using Tap Water so I don’t need Dechlorinator  / Water Conditioner
The Making of Pearlingplants Planted Tank “PPPT1”
Coming Soon!
Note: this is just a part of it, but will soon be posting the complete details with pictures so keep track.
I Hope this can somehow help and give you some ideas.


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