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PearlingPlants, Fully Submerged Aquarium Plants

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For FULLY SUBMERGED PLANTS (picture below as representation only) in limited quantities

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Pearling Plants EXCLUSIVE offer - Straight from the Tank

It may have 1 or more roots and also plants will not be labeled just see listing

Offer is only in limited quantity.

PICTURES (as representation only)

     Showing the plant's submerged form and color. 


     These selections of plant will be cut fresh straight from Pearlingplants's Planted Tank underwater. Keep in mind, that the plant’s growth will depend on its environment, it may eventually change its form and color when planted in your aquarium.

Pretty when planted in group or individual, beautiful addition to your aquarium.

      Nutrients, Substrate, CO2, Adequate Lighting, Iron, Water PH, Temperature and so on, are essentials for planted aquarium. With the right environment plants will thrive.


  • Live Aquarium Plants gives a healthy environment for your fish.
  • Plants release oxygen to your fish by pearling on its leaves.
  • Less Maintenance for plant roots cleans water, and live plants out competes algae build up.
  • Give natural hiding place and food for the fish & shrimp


     It may have less or more roots or without roots depending on the part of the cuttings.

    The actual stem(s) that you will receive are clean, strong and very healthy without snails, but with little to no algae.


Plus FREE portions or cuttings of the same plant listed above or whichever is available


Shipping 2-3 days via USPS Priority Mail
Sometimes shipping will be delayed due to weather conditions
It will be packed properly & tightly to minimize movement with multiple layers of insulations to withstand hot & cold temperature
Some deformation may occur due to tight packaging but will recover upright once planted underwater in a few days
Monitor your shipping status


For questions and issues, please don't hesitate to communicate and will resolve your concerns fairly as soon as possible.
If in case plants died upon arrival which is seldom happen, just show pictures of the box and the plants on the same day you received the package and you will get a refund or item(s) will be replaced.

Thank you for visiting PEARLINGPLANTS online store today.

     Thank you for visiting PEARLINGPLANTS online store today, come back soon!

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